Goldfish金鱼蜜语广东 广州

I can still remember the heat on my skin in that fateful hot summer day and, like it is just yesterday, how I came across an injured goldfish by the side of the pond outside my father's house. That lost and helpless look on her face broke my heart. Later in my life an old man told me that goldfish’s memory only lasts 7 seconds, they cannot even remember the turn they swam by earlier. I started to think that the fate arranged me to meet that injured goldfish and go crazy about goldfish, trying to get all information related to it. For thousands of years, the goldfish have been an item and object of admiration in China. In ancient time, rich Chinese families built huge ponds in their courtyards for goldfish and different goldfish showed different symbol of taste and social status. However today goldfish become a toy for kids while being kept in little glass tank, it is a shame for such a colorful and graceful creature, I firmly insist that she deserves due respect for her elegance. I wish that one day, that lovely fish in the water would jump out and travel with me to faraway places, like Lhasa where we could turn over all the prayer wheels in the Potala Palace, or to Mount Fuji where we would bury every bit of the soul of the withered cherry blossom… The goldfish in my artworks, some are tender with their charming swinging tail, showing off their proudest skirt, some rise in the long winter night, searching for the missing light of their life, some engrave love in the heart finally after countless times of forgetting, and no longer feel lonely with their lovers. The memories forgotten by those goldfish, I would love to treasure and pass on.




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